How To Eat A Burger When You Are On Keto

As you know, if you are following the keto way of life or low carb way of life, any kind of bread made with white flour, wholemeal flour or rice flour is a no-no.  So when you feel like having a burger, just ditch the buns or you can try baking your own keto hamburger buns using coconut flour or almond flour.

So when me and the family went to a burger joint – BurgerLab near our home for dinner, I quickly scanned the menu to see what I can have.  So glad that they have this lettuce wrap where they replace the bun with lettuce.


This is the Ultraman burger lettuce wrap that I had ordered.  It is a fried chicken thigh topped with salted egg yolk buttermilk.  It is so YUMMY!  When sank my teeth into it, I can feel an explosion of sensation in my mouth.  The chicken meat was fresh, juicy and the salted egg yolk buttermilk was just the perfect combination.  The lettuce wrap was crunchy and taste so good with the chicken.  Boy, I am just drooling in front of my computer as I am typing this.

Ok, so if you are on keto or low carb and feel like having a burger, head over to Burger lab and order their lettuce wrap burgers.  Trust me, you will be going back for more after you have tried them.

Click here for locations of their restaurants.

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