How To Survive When Life Gets Overwhelming

I am sure some of us struggle with some challenges on certain days.   We feel stressed out by the daily life that cannot seem to unwind.  When that happens to me, I would do a few things to de-stress myself and they are:-

1)  Watch The Ellen Show on Youtube.  I love watching how Ellen surprises her audience with acts of kindness.  It is so touching and inspiring.  Watching her shows put a smile on my face.


2)  Go for a run.  Nothing beats giving my heart a pump.  Running allows me to spend some time with myself.


3)  Deep breathing.  I try to do some deep breathing to relax.  I would inhale, hold, exhale and hold.  I repeat this process about 6 times and it helps me to feel relax.

So, if you are feeling stress and need to calm your mind, you can indulge in a little me time by going for a walk or on a bike ride.  I used to crave for cakes when I feel stressful but not anymore because I do not eat cakes unless I bake them myself because I am following the keto way of life.  But hey, if you think that eating something sweet would make you feel better, then go ahead.

Being stressful and anxious can take a toll on our health.  Just remember that things will change and this feeling will pass.  If you need some extra support or wish to talk to someone, just check out here.

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