Another KonMari Session

So I was looking at my wardrobe a few nights ago and I didn’t like what I saw.  The pile of t-shirts and tops sitting on my wardrobe were so untidy.  I just didn’t like the way they were stacked up.  Arrgh!  I decided to do a #Konmari eventhough it was almost bedtime.

See how unorganized this is.  I know I am to be blamed because each time when I take something out, the stack becomes untidy.  So, I went through this pile and gave some clothes away.  Then, I folded them nicely and orderly and put them back.  They look better, until the next time when I have to take out another top.  Sigh!

Actually, I have been going through my wardrobe every 2 months and yet I always managed to find clothes to be given away.  This means only 1 thing – I need to shop less!

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