What I Did Over The Weekend

The Raya holidays are over and school is starting tomorrow.  Missy’s school didn’t have a long break during the Raya holidays as the final exam is just around the corner. She only had 2 days off.  So during this break, we did not make any plans.

I spent some ‘me time’ watching Chasing The Dragon : The Wild Wild Bunch II.  It is a pretty good movie and I know I sound bias because 4 of my favourite actors are in this movie together.  They are Tony Leung Ka Fai, Simon Yam, Gordon Lam and Louis Koo.

I watched the movie at TGV Jaya and this is now our family’s fav cinema as the seats are very comfortable compared to GSC.   Their coffee is very good too.  I got myself a cup of cappuccino that day.

See, plenty of leg room.  I do enjoy watching movies by myself.  Actually, I like doing things by myself because some quiet time is good for the soul.

On Sunday evening, we went to the park.   I haven’t run since I recovered from dengue so it was a good run for me.  Missy also ran with me initially but when she got tired, she took a breather and went on the monkey bar.

She has been pulling herself up on the bar at home so it was easy for her to make it across at the park.  Monkey bar is a good and fun exercise to improve your posture and strength.

We had a great time at the park, getting some fresh air.

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