Keto Bak Zhang For Dragon Boat Festival

I have been drooling at the photos of bak zhang (glutinous rice dumpling) on my Facebook feeds since 2 weeks ago. As I don’t take rice, I can only look at the bak zhang.  I have seen people selling keto bak zhang online but they are so expensive.  At RM18 for one keto rice dumpling, I find that it is way too expensive compared to the regular rice dumpling at RM7 each.  The only difference between a normal bak zhang and a keto bak zhang is that the later is made with cauliflower and psyllium husk to hold the dumpling together.

I was so happy when I saw my friend’s sister-in-law making some keto bak zhang as she is also following the keto way of eating.  This is her first time making them and so I asked her if she would sell some to me.  I didn’t know how much she would charge me but I knew it won’t be RM18 each *chuckle*.

When she finally told me that she has kept aside 5 cauli-rice dumplings for me,  I couldn’t wait to taste them.

Here is my bunch of keto dumplings.

Check out the ingredients! There are dried shrimp, scallop, mushroom, pork and salted egg yolk.  Gawd, it is so delicious!  I couldn’t taste the cauliflower and it is just like the real thing! I must say that she is really good at making keto bak zhang.  My life is now complete!

Happy Rice Dumpling Festival Everyone!

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