Shopping Loots from Seoul

Besides the beauty products and the Korean earrings, that I bought during my vacation in Seoul, I also bought some clothes for myself.  How can I not shop eh?  I must say that some of the clothes are pretty affordable like 10,000 Won for a dress which is about rm35.  I have seen similar ones selling at RM80 to RM100 here.

Missy too got herself a few items such as a BlackPink t-shirt which cost about RM150.  It is only a black tee featuring Black Pink’s logo.  Well, what can I say? It’s Black Pink.

She also bought (I chose) a short front-tie t-shirt with fold-up denim pants and a set of purple t-shirt and shorts which she wants to wear to her K-Pop dance class.

Gosh, how I miss shopping in Seoul!

Shopping definitely has a positive emotional effect on individuals which is why shopping is so popular.  It helps to release stress and anxiety.  Have you heard some people say that they wish retail therapy is covered by their health insurance?   Retail therapy may be able to help a person overcome anxiety or depression symptoms but it is only temporary.

Instead of trying to fill the hole of depression by going all out to shop, which only provides temporary relief, it is best to address your problem properly  Find a counselor at Betterhelp and face the problem instead of avoiding it through retail therapy.

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