The Tastiest Shepherd’s Pie In Singapore

The first time I ever tasted a shepherd’s pie was at my company’s Christmas dinner party held at my boss’s house in Toronto.  Marge baked 2 big casseroles of Shepherd’s Pies and the smell was heavenly when she brought them out to the table.  Both were chicken shepherd’s pies but she did something extra with one dish.  She actually crumbled some Ruffles potato chips and sprinkled them on top of the pie.   This is something out of the traditional way of eating the pies but let me tell you this – it was delicious!

Ever since my first experience, I was hooked and tried to bake them myself.  Well, the lazy bug in me finds it a lot of work to mash the potatoes, cook the fillings and etc.  After a while, I just did not bake anymore.  Not many eateries offer Shepherd’s Pie on their menu either so it has been a while since I had one.

Well if you are a big fan of this British classic dish but like me, who finds it a tad too much to bake them yourself, well fret no more.  You can order the tastiest and freshest Shepherd’s Pie online and have it delivered to your doorstep in a jiffy.  All you have to do is go to, the purveyor of the best shepherd’s pie in Singapore, who has been around since 2011.   Their pies which are available in beef and chicken,  are baked with love and delivered hot right to your doorstep.   Shepherd’s Pie Delivery offers 3 different sizes of pies – Medium, Massive and Mini.

This is the Medium Shepherd’s Pie that elevates traditional pie to a whole new level of “mmm.”  This just-right portion is good for up to 4 persons.  However, it is recommended that 1 for every 2 persons if you are a die-hard shepherd’s pie fan.   I can definitely polish off this pie all by myself *wink*

Check out this mouth-watering Massive Pie.   Comes with seasoned meat (beef or chicken) that is so delicious and a top layer of mashed potato that is smooth and yummy.  This casserole gets baked in the oven until the mashed potatoes are slightly crispy on top.  This hearty dish is good for up to 4 people.

Here comes the Lil Mini Shepherd’s Pie that is made with flavorful diced chicken meat cooked in a rich, seasoned gravy.  These cute cupcake size pies are perfect for parties, events and gatherings with friends and families.

Boy, my tummy is growling by just looking at Shepherd’s Pie Delivery photos.   They have been receiving admiration for their pies which are made up of a hearty filling of meat, a creamy layer of mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables.

How To Order

Ordering the pies is simple. Simply select the pie you want, and click on the cart icon in the top right of their website.

As their pies are baked fresh and the ingredients are prepared freshly, orders have to be made one day in advance.

Delivery Timing

Cut Off Timing For Next Day Delivery: 5pm 
All pies for next day delivery will have to be ordered before 5pm.

Delivery Time Slots:
Time Slot 1: 11-1pm
Time Slot 2: 1-3pm
Time Slot 3: 6-8pm

Delivery Costs

Standard Delivery Cost: $7
Free Delivery For Orders Above $80

So if you want some hot comfort food delivered to your doorstep, head over to Shepherd’s Pie Delivery today to place your order. Your belly will thank you later.

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