Farewell 2019

So yesterday was the last Sunday of this decade.  How did I spend it?  Well, I did something that I enjoy doing and it is DECLUTTERING.  Yes, I spent the whole day cleaning out the store, the dry kitchen and the wet kitchen.     Everyone at home started to get worried and stressed whenever I mention the word – decluttering because they are afraid that I would throw away their things.  I ended up with 3 black garbage bags of stuff to throw.

Actually I have started to declutter 2 weeks ago and I began with my room and missy’s room.  I have gathered 2 big bags of clothes and books and they were donated to the Salvation Army home.   Yesterday was the time to clear the downstairs area.

It definitely feels good to declutter.  There were so many empty boxes, cables, takeaway plastic containers, plastic bottles, jars, glass bottles, old baskets, drawers of odds and ends and etc in my house that I just cannot believe it.  How all these end up in the house?  Well, I have a mother who loves to keep things just in case we need them in the future.   Well, no more stocking up on things that we do not need.

My mom and I even #konmari the 2 shoe cabinets on the porch!

Decluttering is good for the soul.  As we declutter our home, we not only clean up and create more space.  We also clear our mind of all the stress that comes with it.  Decluttering has a way of generating fresh energy, creating mental and physical space for more clarity and also releases some of the negative vibes.   Do you enjoy decluttering?

It is good to welcome fresh energy in the home as the new year unfolds. Happy New Year Everyone!

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