Celebrated My Birthday With A Road Trip With Friends

So I mentioned a road trip which my friends organized on the first Saturday of 2020 to celebrate my birthday.   The 5 of us headed to Sekinchan to explore the fishing town.  We chatted and laughed in the car.  As soon as we reached Sekinchan, we headed to Redang Beach for some photo-taking opportunities.

Then the next stop is some marketing at the local market.  That’s what you get when a bunch of aunties get-together.  After some shopping at the market, we went to do more shopping for prawn crackers and seafood along the main road leading to the jetty.  We were done by 11.30am and headed to Restoran Xiang Qing which we have pre-booked a table.

Food was good and reasonably priced.  Restoran Xiang Qing is air-conditioned and during long weekends or school holidays, this place is packed.  My friend ordered a keto brownie for me and it is so delicious.   However none of them fancy it *chuckle* .  I took the whole brownie home and I still have a quarter piece left.

This is how the car boot looked like when we are done all our shopping.  We left Sekinchan with the boot full and so were our hearts.   More road trips to come!

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