Cheapest 3-Ply Surgical Face Masks In Malaysia

I have been buying 3-ply surgical face masks since the MCO started.  I paid RM85 for a box of 50 pieces.  Then when the pharmacies in my neighbourhood restocked their mask supplies, I paid RM15 for a pack of 10.  The price is really exorbitant and I don’t have a choice as I use one mask a day because I go to work.  I would wear the mask the whole time I am in the office.  I also use a mask when I go to the market or supermarkets.

Last week, I saw Mr. DIY‘s ad on Facebook and they are selling 3-Ply Surgical Mask at RM49 a box (50 pieces).  That is the cheapest price for mask so far.

I bought 2 boxes from Mr. DIY.  Delivery is very fast too and I received the masks in less than 2 days.  If you would like to order, check it out here.  Delivery is free for orders above RM60.


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