Keto Chocolate Sorbet From Kind Kones

Recently when I was in Bangsar Village for dinner, I saw Kind Kones’ store right outside MPH Bookstore. I have heard of its keto ice-cream but have not got the chance to try it.  Right after dinner at Village Roast Duck, we segued to Kind Kones for some dessert.  I ordered the Keto Chocolate Sorbet while missy ordered the Salted Caramel Macadamia Ice Cream.

I am surprised that the Keto Chocolate Ice Cream is so tasty, just like the regular ice-cream although it uses xylitol (sugar replacement) instead of normal sugar. It is so creamy and I can feel myself salivating as I type this post.   My family tried it too and they like it as well.  Usually, they steer clear of keto food because according to them, it tastes bland *chuckle*

This keto-friendly chocolate ice-cream is made of cocoa power, cocoa mass, xylitol.  Give it a try if you happen to see a Kind Kones stall.

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