Running To Clear The Mind

Since the Movement Control Order 2.0 started about a month ago, hubs, missy and I cannot go out to the park anymore as it is closed.  The SOP also states that only 2 people from the same household can go out to run or cycle.   So, the 3 of us take turns going out to exercise.  I would either go out for a run with hubs or missy.   I try to make it a point to bring her out at least once a week.  Being cooped up at home is not good for mental health.  Everyone needs to get some Vitamin D and the sun is the best source.

Exercise like running is not only good for health, it helps to reduce anxiety and stress.  Running helps me to unpack my mind.  Last Saturday, missy and I decided to walk to a playground in the neighbourhood next to ours to exercise.  On our way back, I spotted an Instagram-worthy place so I asked her to take a photo of me.

It’s nice to discover little things when we walked around.

We also spotted this cute lil fella looking at us and we stopped to say Hi.


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