Chinese New Year Decorations At Home

This year’s Chinese New Year celebration is going to be very different because of the pandemic.  The state borders are still closed and this means we won’t be able to travel back to Ipoh to celebrate with my family and relatives like we have been doing for many years.  This is so sad.  Should the government decides to open the state borders for the lunar new year celebrations, it would be safer that we do not travel.

I really don’t have any mood to celebrate and have not even decided what to have for our Reunion dinner which is like a week away.  To cheer things up a bit, I have been doing some decorating around the house.  I bought new bamboo plants to replace the ones I had 2 years ago.  They have turned yellow all of a sudden.  Luckily I can find the bamboo plants selling at the market.  They cost RM7 per stalk.

Similar decor like the previous year.

I also bought new plants and they are called the Jade plants.  One is all green and the other ones have pink leaves.

I have also added some red tassels onto the air plant for some festive touch.

Have you done anything to decorate your home for the ‘Niu’ year?

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