Road To Marathon Virtual Challenge 2020

My friends, Elaine and SN encouraged me to join the Road To Marathon Virtual Challenge 2020 in December.  As participants are given a few weeks to complete the challenge, I decided to enroll myself for the half marathon which is 21km.  Of course, I couldn’t run 21km in one day as I have not trained myself to do this, unlike my 2 friends.

In order to complete the 21km, it took me 4 runs.  I have actually completed 27km in the 4 runs and submitted my entry in the form of a screenshot of the distance and timing shown on my Fitbit.

I call it my cheat half marathon run because it took me a few runs to complete but nevertheless, I am proud to have completed the runs.


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  1. Health Freak says:

    Wow Barb, congrats!!
    You ran at your neighborhood, in 4 different days?

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