Tree Planting Activity At Taman Tugu

Missy was scrolling Tik Tok one day and chanced upon a post by one influencer who went to Taman Tugu 2 weeks ago for a tree planting activity.  She would love to learn more about how to plant a tree and how she can play a part to help the environment.  After some googling for Taman Tugu and Plant A Tree, I discovered the Free Tree Society, an NGO based in Bangsar that aims to bring environmental conservation to urban areas.  They have been planting and giving away trees to green the Earth.  They also run volunteer sessions and speak at events and workshops on environmental issues, encourage biodiversity and to promote a love of nature.

Luckily I managed to sign us up 2 days before the event.  I was a little worried that there will be no event last Saturday as it was the start of the long Labour Day and Terkejut Raya holiday. It’s no fun having a bored teen at home, if you know what I mean. So on that day, I roped in my friend Elaine and her daughter to join us at Taman Tugu.  It was a fun 2-hour session where we learned about the different types of trees, rainwater harvesting, planting basics, how to plant forest seeds and the amazing work of the Free Tree Society. Below are some photos taken on that day.

The two girls enjoying a swinging good time before the start of the event.

Some of the important items for mixing the soil.

Briefing by Baida, the founder of Free Tree Society.

We went for a nursery trail to see some of Malaysia’s native plants and trees.


A member of the Free Tree Society showing us how to mix the soil.

On that day, we learnt how to plant Buah Kulim (Scorodocarpus borneensis Becc) which are known as the wild garlic and they have a pungent smell. Buah Kulim are often used by the Orang Asli as seasoning.  We have to crack open the shell to expedite the germination process.

Putting the soil into the bag and then followed by the Buah Kulim.  After this, we have to water the plant and then placed it in a special area for it to grow.  Before the session wrapped up, Baida talked about compost and how we can do our part to reduce waste. The we went to another short trail walk to see some trees and plants.  We could hear the thunder rumbling in the sky but the rain held up.  Thank God. Lastly, Baida gave a talk about climate change, which is missy’s favorite topic.

This is one of the tallest trees in Taman Tugu and it is the Jelutong Tree.  I just love the green lush forest of Taman Tugu.

The Nature Education Programme was organized by the Free Tree Society in collaboration with Taman Tugu and Free Tree Society and is fully sponsored by CIMB Islamic Bank.  The 2 hour session was very interesting and education.  We went home feeling happy that we played a small part that day by learning how to plant a seedling that would eventually grow into a tree. We hope to join more programmes organize by the Free Tree Society.


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