Getting Some Vitamin D

Last Saturday, I asked missy to go to the stadium with me so that she can practice her skateboarding.  This month, her lessons have stopped as her coach is fasting due to Ramadhan.  She didn’t want to go at first but I persuaded her.  It is good to be outdoor instead of cooping up at home and watching Netflix all the time.

Getting some sun is a good mood booster and also sweating it out is good for the immune system.  When reached the skatepark, there were a few skateboarders and missy was shy to skate there by herself.  I told her to just do her thing and don’t worry about others.  So she spent like 45 minutes practicing her skills.  She brought the Yamba Cruiser so it was smoother when going around the park.

Then later we moved to an open space where she skated more. Before sunset, we hopped over to Bagelo, a newly opened Bagel cafe at the stadium for takeaway dinner and coffee.

The exterior of Bagelo makes an Instagram-worth space.

When we were in the car, missy told me that she had a great time and was glad that she practiced her skateboarding.

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