My First Monstera Plant

I love plants that have big green leaves and I have always wanted a Monstera.  If you have one, you would know that this plant is not cheap. I got a surprise from my cousin-in-law one day who showed up at my house with this beautiful Monstera in a woven basket. She has one in her condo and propagated this baby for me because I commented how beautiful her Monstera is.

As this tropical plant thrives well in bright but indirect sunlight, so I have placed it indoor near my main door. It gets a lot of indirect sun from that space. My cousin-in-law has told me that when it comes to watering the monstera, I should let it dry out between waterings. Only water when the top soil is dry. I am actually scared of over watering or underwatering my plants because some of my air plants have died in my hands.

So far this baby is growing well and new leaves have sprouted.

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