Took My 2nd Booster

On Tuesday, hubs and I went to Pavillion Bukit Jalil to get our 2nd booster. I read about this PPV on the AstraZeneca FB page and we decided to have our second booster there.  No appointment is needed and everyone can walk in to the Pavillion Mall Bukit Jalil PPV which is located on the 5th floor at the Exhibition Center. Only Pfizer is given out here.

We arrived at 3.20 pm and there were at least 100 people ahead of us. From the photo above, the queue shown is only half of the actual queue.  To get to the PPV, we have to turn left and left again.  Some people posted on the FB page that they only waited for 30 minutes for the booster but I guess now that many people are aware of this place, the queue is much longer.

Hubs and I stood for 1.30 minutes before we reached the PPV. There were 3 counters for registration.  The staff will look at our MySejahtera and key in the appointment and create a vaccination status.  Once done, we were led to the inside of the small hall.

Once inside, we waited for our turns to take the vaccination.  The wait is quite fast actually, maybe around 15 to 20 mins. There was 6 staff giving the vaccination to the public. I spoke to the nice lady who gave me the jab and they have been working nonstop.  Hubs and I were done by 5.10pm.

Now comes the side effects of the 2nd booster.  My left eye was slightly swollen 2 hours after the jab.  This happened during my first booster too.  My first and second jabs were AstraZeneca while the first and second boosters were Pfizer.  Later that night, my head felt heavy. After putting on some eye drops, the swelling went away when I woke up the next day. However, my head still felt heavy.  Other than that, I am ok.  As for hubs, his side effects were really bad.  He said of all the vaccinations he took, this is the worst.  He experienced body aches, and fever and was very tired. The symptoms appeared the next day and he knocked off early. He even got body chill in the middle of the night. Today, he said he feels a lot better.

If you are interested in getting a second booster, you may check out Pavillion Bukit Jalil or Paradigm Mall. I am not sure how long this PPV will be giving out the vaccination though.

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