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Hair Wigs, The Best Way To Change Your Look Instantly

Have you ever noticed how changing just one little thing about your appearance can change your whole attitude?  Wearing a pair of new earrings that are a tad flashier than you would normally go for encourages you to hold your … Continue reading

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It Feels Good To Be Pampered

When  I was invited by A Cut Above in Mid Valley Mall to try their Shiseido Colour Treatment recently, I was so excited and jumped at the chance because it is not every day that one gets invitations to give … Continue reading

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Stick-On Earrings

My sister bought these stick-on earrings for the missy recently and she was a happy camper.  That is because she had asked me to buy it for her a while back but there was no sale at the time.  It … Continue reading

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How To Treat Brown Spots

My sister was telling me that I should really go for a facial treatment one of these days.  I notice some brown spots on my face too.  Those are called age spots or sun spots I think 🙁   Exposure to … Continue reading

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Acne Serum That Works

Troubled by acne?  Why not try some fast acting acne serum to treat the breakout?   There are many acne serums in the market today and if you want to look for one that really works, then do check out  … Continue reading

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Disney Princesses and My Princess

Do you know what the lil missy is doing here? She’s not practicing the medical coding training courses nor did she have a boo boo on her leg.  The lil missy who is very into Disney Princesses now that when … Continue reading

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