Low Carb Tomato Egg Noodle

There is a shop near my office which sells desserts (red bean soup, gingko barley and etc) , economy noodles (fried mee hoon, fried mee), curry chee cheong fun, yam cakes and more.   The only food that I can eat there is the Tomato Egg Noodles.  They have 2 versions which are the dry type and the soup base type.  It is basically noodles with eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers and minced pork.

My version is of course low carb and without noodles.   This is what I had for lunch yesterday.  I was given so many cucumbers that my bowl of tomato egg noodles look like tomato egg zoodles.  It was delicious!

Actually this dish is rather easy to cook but I need to get a zoodle-maker.   On days that I am tired of eating the dishes from the chap fan stall (mixed rice), I would have this Tomato Egg Noodles.

One thought on “Low Carb Tomato Egg Noodle

  1. This is my kind of food! Lots of tomatoes, eggs and cucumbers. Healthy and yummy! Whenever I wanna eat pork noodles or fish head noodles, I will walk to the stall and take a pinch of noodles (probably only 1 spoonful) and tell the seller that I only want this much noodles lol! Most times, no noodles at all 😀

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