Delicious Keto Cakes From Suchan Bakery

One of the best ways to de-stress is to have some cakes. For me it is keto cakes.  I am so glad that Suchan bakery is just minutes away from my house and when I feel like having some cakes, I can just drive over and get a slice or two.  A few weekends ago, I went with missy to Suchan bakery because I felt like having some cakes.  So happy to see that they have Keto Tiramisu and Keto Red Velvet cake.

See how pretty this keto red velvet is?  It is so delicious and I was in cake heaven.  

I couldn’t resist the Keto Tiramisu cake and bought a slice to go.  I love all the cute messages that are printed on the boxes.  

The keto cakes from Suchan cost RM16.90 a slice. Let me tell you that they worth every cent.  Check out my earlier post on Suchan Bakery.

Visit if you want to try the best keto cakes in Kuala Lumpur. 

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