Surprises On My Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday and I received 2 surprises at work. When the delivery guy called to tell me that there is something for me from Keto Sis, I was puzzled.   He said he was already at my office and I should come down to get my item.  So when I met him at the door, he handed me a bag and said “Happy Birthday”  *chuckle*.

The box of keto cupcakes was sent to me by my 2 sisters.  What a pleasant surprise!

6 different types of keto cupcakes and they are Lemon zesty, onde, onde, salted caramel, choc cream, peanut butter choc and vanilla.  I had the lemon zesty and it was so delicious.  I didn’t get any cakes for my birthday and the cupcakes are just perfect.

The 2nd surprise was a bunch of gorgeous blooms.

When the doorbell rang and the delivery guy asked for me, I was again surprised.  He handed me a bunch of sweet flowers and there was no name on the card.  Yes, an anonymous sender who knows where my office is.   So blessed.  Thank you to my sisters and the anonymous sender for the wonderful surprises on my birthday.  They made my birthday so much sweeter.

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