Keto Mooncake For Mid Autumn Festival

Recently while browsing FB, I chanced upon someone selling keto mooncakes in one of the Keto groups on FB.  I quickly placed my order from Passion In A Pan because Keto Mooncakes are not something I can find easily.

I ordered the Supreme Salted Egg Yolk and Rosy Black Sesame keto mooncakes.

Cute right?

The mooncakes are delicious and just the right amount of sweetness for me.  They are so precious that I cut a small piece to eat each time.

Below are the information on the keto mooncakes which I got from Passion In A Pan’s FB page:-

Creamy, fragrant salted egg yolk custard with a single salted egg yolk in the middle. Salted egg yolk lovers will scream for joy!

Ingredients : salted egg yolks, heavy cream, cream cheese, eggs, organic coconut flour, erythritol, sea salt, almond flour, xanthan gum, butter.
4 servings per piece
Nutrition fact (per serving)
Carbs – 4.9g
Fat – 9.9g
Protein – 2.5g
Calories – 101
Black sesame filling with a single salted egg yolk. Snowy skin fondant has an “icing sugar” bite to it and a lovely rosy fragrance! Enjoy it chilled.
Ingredients : salted egg yolk, black sesame, butter, erythritol, sea salt, almond flour, chia seed, xanthan gum
4 servings per piece
Nutrition fact (per serving)
Carbs – 5g
Fat – 3.9g
Protein – 4.1g
Calories – 69
The Mooncakes are RM36 for 2 pieces or RM70 for 4 pieces (75-78gm/pc).  Delivery is not included. 
If only I can find someone who sells Keto Shanghai Mooncake and my life is complete.
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