My Birthday Celebration

Last week was my birthday and I received a surprise gift the night before.  My dear friends sent me a keto dinner which consisted of a fried cauli duck rice, a slice of lemon blueberry cake and a cappuccino. Together with the meal were 2 tubs of keto cookies.  Just in time for Chinese New Year. The dinner was sumptuous and it was ordered from Thirty Seconds, a keto restaurant.

A few days before my birthday, I received a package from Shopee. It contained 2 jars of keto chocolate spread.  There was no messages on the package and I didn’t know who sent them to me.  Initially, I thought they were from my friends or sisters but they said no.  In the end, I found out that it’s from hubs.

The dark chocolate nut butter is simply delicious. It’s so soft and easy to spread.

On the day of my birthday, I received a surprise delivery.  It was a keto lemon cheesecake sent to my office.  They ordered the yummy cake from my favourite bakery – Suchan.  One week after my birthday and I am still eating this cake. That’s how big it is.

A little later, there was another delivery and one of my friends sent me this lovely box of goodies.  It contained my favorite salted pork skin and pork rinds.  On top of that, there were 4 packages of different types of bacon.  Man, I have gone to porky heaven!

I am so blessed.  Later that night, my sisters treated me to dinner at Three Little Pigs and Wolf in Bangsar Village. It was a memorable birthday for me.

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