Roller Skating At Roller Wa

When Ashley found out that Roller Wa has opened in One Utama, thanks to Tik-Tokers who have been posting about this place, she ‘begged’ me to bring her there. Roller Wa is an indoor roller-skating rink that comes from Korea. Malaysia is the 3rd rink of Roller Wa.  As you can see, Ashley loves everything that has rollers just like skateboarding, rollerblading, ice skating and now roller skating.

So we made our way to One Utama one Sunday morning with her cousin Sophie and her friend, Nadine.  Roller Wa is a cashless store and everything is done online. Tickets have to be ordered from the booth outside the skating rink.  There will be staff around the booth to assist.  The price is RM12 per entry and RM28 for 2 hour of roller skating.  Once inside, the skaters can rent the roller skates which come in black and white. The fee includes the rental of the skates and also the protective gear.  Ashley brought her own gears that day as she said it is more hygienic.

During the 2 hour session, K-pop songs will be blasting away while everyone skates. There are also disco lights everywhere for the old skool vibe.  Luckily Ashley likes K-pop and so do I although I am only familiar with BTS and Black Pink *chuckle*  The skating area is about 1000 sq. ft. and the skaters go round and round the rink.  There are also many cool Instagrammable areas inside Roller Wa.

I went in to Roller Wa and sat at the Disco Cafe to wait for her and the girls. Of course I have to pay RM12 for the entry. When I was a teen, I never like roller-skating because I don’t know how to balance myself.  I remember putting on those heavy metal rollers that came with straps to tie the shoe like the photo below.

Vintage Roller Skate with Key Stock Photo by ©twoellis 8779881

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The girls had a blast that day and they want to go again.  If you want to give roller-skating a try or just want to reminiscence your childhood favorite past time, check our Roller Wa, the roller skating rink Malaysia.  It is better to early like 10am to avoid crowds or better still, don’t go on weekends.

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