Hidden Talents During Lockdown

Recently a friend posted in Facebook saying that many people have discovered their hidden talents during multiple lockdowns. We have seen master chefs, fitness fanatics and more all over social media. Hers was the green thumb and she has been decorating her home with different plants.  She has a beautiful garden and it looks like a green sanctuary now.  So she asked what hidden talents has everyone else discovered.

My answer is ………………………. .. I can do Kdrama marathon on Netflix!

10 Best Kdramas Available On Netflix In 2021 - OtakuKart

I would have never watched Kdrama if not for the lockdown. My friends have been talking about Kdramas for years but I was never interested at all until I watched my very first Korean movie – Parasite.  Then during lockdown I decided to check out the highly popular Crash Landing On You – CLOY.  And as they all say, the rest is history!

I have watched CLOY like more than 6 times. Yeah I know I am crazy. I thought I won’t be able to watch another kdrama after that because nothing can replace the emptiness I felt after completing that CLOY. However, that’s in the past now. I have watched many awesome Kdramas such as follows:-

1) Reply 1988 (one of the best in my opinion and I have watched it a couple of times)
2) Prison Playlist
3) Hospital Playlist
4) Love, Marriage and Divorce
5) Boys Over Flowers
6) Itaewon Class
7) Devil Judge
8) Hometown Cha Cha Cha
9) Our Blues
10) Vincenzo
11) Oh My Venus
12) Penthouse
13) When Camelia Blooms
14) Mine
15) Move To Heaven
15) Flower of Evil
16) Taxi Driver
17) The King’s Affection
18) The World of The Married
19) Mystic Pop-Up Bar
20) Thirty Nine
21) DP
22) Remarriages & Desires

and more.

Currently, I am watching The Extraordinary Attorney Woo and also Ghost Doctor. They are so enjoyable and I love the storyline.

Actually I discovered another hidden talent during the lockdown and it is to cook kimchi jiggae or budae jiggae. It is all because of K-dramas but I am not complaining *chuckle*

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