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Date Night Prep for the Lady

Going out on a date is one of the most exciting, yet nerve-racking times for anyone. On average though, the lady tends to stress and worry about it more than the guy. One of the main points for a girl … Continue reading

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Cheapest 3-Ply Surgical Face Masks In Malaysia

I have been buying 3-ply surgical face masks since the MCO started.  I paid RM85 for a box of 50 pieces.  Then when the pharmacies in my neighbourhood restocked their mask supplies, I paid RM15 for a pack of 10.  … Continue reading

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Buy Toilet Paper Online In Malaysia

Due to the recent global coronavirus outbreak, many people went on a panic mode and started a toilet-paper buying frenzy. Luckily we still have plenty of toilet paper in Malaysia.  There are also many places to buy toilet paper in … Continue reading

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The Best iPad Pro Cases You Can Find Online

Apple’s latest iPad Pros have a new design and features such as Face ID and USB-C.  The 11 inch and 12.9 inch iPads have almost edge to edge screens.  That means there is more screen to see and also shatter.  … Continue reading

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Health Benefits You Should Know About Drinking Chinese Tea

Drinking tea is an integral part of the Chinese culture and many people drink tea throughout the day.  Chinese teas can be traced back all the way to the Tang Dynasty and are regarded highly for many health benefits such … Continue reading

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Hungry For Sushi? Get Them Delivered To You

Craving for sushi, but don’t feel like going anywhere? Well sushi fans in Singapore are going to rejoice because you can get now order your sushi online, stress-free and delivered right to your door by Sushi Delivery Singapore.  They are … Continue reading

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Where To Buy The Best Toilet Paper In Malaysia

As a household with 5 people consisting of 4 females and 1 male, we tend to use a lot of toilet paper.  There are 3 toilets in the house and we go through about 9 rolls a week and sometimes … Continue reading

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Largest Mural In Kuala Lumpur

After reading about this beautiful mural in the newspaper recently, we decided to check it out because it is not too far from our home.  It is the Tree of Hope mural by a local artist, Fazlan Rizan Johani. This … Continue reading

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How To Make Delicious Keto Matcha Tea

Matcha tea has a host of health benefits including boosting your mood, mind and immune system. You don’t have to shell out your hard-earned cash at a specialty café to enjoy this beneficial drink. Making keto matcha tea at home … Continue reading

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Shop Keto Valentine’s Day Gift In Kuala Lumpur

The sweetest day of the year is just around the corner.  You have a keto lover in your life and are not sure what keto Valentine’s Day gift is right for him or her? Just because you or your partner … Continue reading

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